Dmesg error: axp20x-battery-power-supply: couldn't set constant charge current from DT

i see this error is dmesg on the CM4 variant

axp20x-battery-power-supply axp20x-battery-power-supply: couldn't set constant charge current from DT: fallback to minimum value

I assume it is fixed by this:

Linux-Kernel Archive: [PATCH 4/4] power: supply: axp20x_battery: add DT support for battery max constant charge current (

I would prefer not to compile my own arm64 kernel, is there a way for the uconsole folks to backport this? (might be useful if uconsole folks maintained their own deb point for apt sources… for patched things - for example so apt upgrade doesn’t break screen rotation…)

I’ve encountered the same issue even after taking several steps to address it. Here’s what I’ve done so far:

  1. Recompiled the kernel using the ClockworkPi GitHub patch file.
  2. Applied the patch to the kernel.
  3. Replaced the compiled device tree files, kernel8.img, and overlays.
  4. Updated the config.txt with the necessary changes.

Despite these efforts, the issue still persists.
If anyone has encountered a similar situation or has suggestions on additional steps I can take, I would greatly appreciate your input.