The uConsole also has power-down issues

When I click the power switch once, the system seems to turn off immediately, but in fact it stays on. It’s just the screen that’s off.

After a while, when I try to turn it back on, it doesn’t work, but then I plug in an external power source and it comes back on. The Linux desktop turns on and I look at the power gauge and see 0% remaining.

The DevTerm also had the same problem of continuing to draw power after being turned off, and I had to keep it separate from the main unit to prevent the 18650 battery from eventually going dead.

I was hoping it was fixed, but it wasn’t? How do I shut it down so it’s not a problem?

Kind of depends on which processor you have. I have the DevTerm with a CM3 module in it. The shutdown on that still left the 5V supply running and after a day or two it would run down the battery. I did a minor resistor change that fixed that problem. I don’t think the other processors had the same issue.

On the uConsole with the R-01 processor, the shutdown takes forever and I have had it flatten batteries twice. I have moved on to a CM4S in that unit and it has other issues but it does power down in a couple of seconds and seems to be just fine. I have a normal CM4 on order.