Does anyone have sound with HDMI?

Hi! everyone.
I got the CPI 3.1 board in December 19, 2018.
When it is set to OS v0.2 and connected to HDMI, video is output but no sound is output.
Today, I tried OS v0.3 is the same.

Previously misaki 860 said the same thing.
Upgrade path for Clockwork OS v0.2

There is another person who is saying that there is no sound in Japanese.

Does everyone have sound with HDMI output?
Please advise me!

I have hdmi with sound,os v0.3
not sure why you don’t have

I confirm I also have sound (though not using japanese)

@guu @elefas
Thank you for your reply.
When I used another monitor, I heard a sound!
However, it was necessary to maximize the volume of GameShell.


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@nabeejetbase the issue u had with the issue-monitor may caused some confusion to the CPi when handling with its EDID. Normally HDMI source device(CPi) would send out DVI(no sound) when the EDID was not normal or atleast what it should expect from a HDMI sink device(monitor).
If you still want to investigate more with your issued-monitor, u should probably check if your monitor can indicate whether the signal was a HDMI-form or a DVI(alot of monitors/TV’s supports this information on the UI).

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Thank you for your advise.
My home TV, I still did not hear any sound.
My home TV has no DVI mode.
I am very confused.
What you are talking about depends on the TV (monitor) is not it?

@nabeejetbase It would be sure, if your TV could indicate the incoming signal is HDMI or DVI.
I am saying this, because the CPi would send out PCM audio, instead of any CODEC ES format audio such as Dolby,AAC… . It is not normal to have issues on PCM Audio, since it is the most simple audio format in HDMI.
All HDMI source device’s first step is to read the EDID from the SINK(TV), and try to send a signal that is capable of the SINK device.(“EDID” : Extended Display Identification Data).
If the source device has a problem of parsing/or interpretation of the EDID, it would just think the SINK is not a HDMI capable device or may think that it is connected through a HDMI/DVI dongle, which eventually send no Audio(DVI : no audio, HDMI : audio + video).
Almost all HDMI supported Sink device has the capability to proceed DVI signals, as the EDID does not have much information to avoid such signals. It however has the maximum TMDS clock frequency limitation, but I doubt that this is not the case(your mentioning about your TV does not support DVI modes in HDMI). Just for my curiosity, may i ask what is your TV model?

I have TOSHIBA REGZA 19RE1(TV)← no sound.
I use I-O DATA EX-LD2071TB(Monitor at office.)← I can hear sound.

Your Toshiba TV only supports up to 1366 × 768, where IO data monitor can support upto 1920x1080.
Where 1366x768 is not a suitable HDMI CEA-861 video format, it depends on what the CPI sent.
There would be two choices for the CPi, send a CEA-861 720P(1280x720) video + Audio, or a 1366x768 DVI format.
I don’t know if you are an experience person on Single Board Computers(Raspberry Pi), there are options to select a HDMI resolution on the CPi. Since it is Linux, there should be a file of inidicating the output resolution, and maybe try to change the output HDMI VIC to to “4” (VIC Code 4 : 1280x720 60Hz).
I haven’t got my CPi yet, But I would sure update(after getting my CPi) which file to for you to modify if you still have the problem.
Good Luck!


Hi! @Won_Hur
Thank you for your advice.
I thought about trying it using the command “xrandr”,
but I could not. The output already seemed to be 1280 x 720 60 Hz.
If you get the board, please try it!

Same issue on a Sony Bravia 40" TV.

Spelunking through various raspberry pi forums there are a number of proposed work arounds but getting HDMI out sound working seems like a bit of witchcraft, and I’m reluctant to edit the clockwork pi’s base config.

i plugged the clockwork with a micro hdmi adaptor and hdmi cable to the tv, nothing happens. does it supposed to work out of the box. sorry for being a noob, please help.

make sure you have v0.3 or later os Image
and plug the HDMI then power on

hdmi with sound in os v0.3 through the mini-hdmi port ?

I have a Samsung UN49MU8000 (commonly known as just MU8000), and it lets you change the audio format. if I set it to PCM, will I get sound? (I’ll test this later today)