Micro HDMI - no sound

Hello all. I was hoping to bring the uConsole along with me on work trips to plug into hotel TVs etc for a gaming / movie setup, but it seems there is no sound coming out of the micro HDMI port. There’s only one output device in the volume control devices - AV Jack (for speakers or 3.5mm audio).

Is there some way to add the HDMI out to the device list? I see the hdmi outputs in alsamixer and i can select them there as the output device instead of Pulseaudio but nothing changes when I do that - I still get sound out of the internal speakers only.

I’d also be interested in finding out the answer to this as HDMI audio is pretty important as a portable device.

wish i had mine to see these problems… but anyway… my pi4b had audio driver issues at one time… you should try updated the “pulseaudio” driver… or purge it instructions on pie forum…


Hope this fixes it for you.

Edit:i guess it is important to know if you have a cm4 or an a-06… this solution is only for cm4

OK. maybe this is a false alarm. If you plug in HDMI with the uConsole already powered up, and right click on the volume icon, the only option you have for sound is “AV Jack”. You don’t get any sound through the HDMI port.

HOWEVER if you boot up with the HDMI cable plugged in, then you have the option to right click on the volume control and select HDMI for audio.

So, HDMI audio works, it’s just not hot pluggable.

Yeah, thats a Pi thing. I had forgotten about it until you mentioned it. Give this a try (you may have to play with the resolution):

In /boot/config.txt:


Thanks Sword - Looks like the hdmi_force_hotplug=1 causes the hdmi screen to be enabled even if not connected (it’s there when I VPN in) but unfortunately does not enable the HDMI audio option in the volume control.

Not sure if there is an easy fix, but I can live with needing to power up with the HDMI connected, thanks for the tip.