Dreamcast emulator?

Was just randomly thinking and realised there was a game I never got the opportunity to play back in the day. It was on the Dreamcast. Is there an emulator to suit? Or a way RetroArch can run Dreamcast games?

I highly doubt that the GS has the processing power to emulate Dreamcast in a satisfying way. Even my GPD Win 2 has a problem with some games.

I figured that would be the case. My console memory is foggy. Was Dreamcast a PS2/OGXBOX competitor? Or was that the Sega Saturn? Which was comparable to PS1??

EDIT: Nevermind. Dreamcast was up with PS2. The Sega Saturn was the PS1 level competitor. Guess non-portable is my only current option

And still the Saturn is even harder to emulate than the Dreamcast.
Shenmue on the GS would’ve been sweet, though. :smiley:

Processing power is not the only issue you would get with the DreamCast. Screen resolution is another one.

The Dreamcast was able to deliver some really crisp hi-res output for back in the day (480p)

Which needs even more processing power. :smiley:

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