Educational Games and Compatibility

I am an educator that has been developing a course where I would love to be able to use the gameshell as our primary tool.
The course has 3 components: 1. Play games 2. Discuss Games 3. Create Games

My question is on the compatibility of certain games and also asking for suggestions.
I would like to play socially conscious games that are also fun. The 3 that I would like to play right now are:
2064 Read Only Memories
Night in the Woods

I also would like to run Pico-8 and/or TIC-80 for programing

Could these be played on the gameshell?
What are other good games?

ps. the kids have started meeting already and are very excited to learn code this summer and start making games in the fall!


For Pico-8, we already have a thread discussing it’s use for Game Shell here:

For compatibility of games, as long as they do not require higher specs than the Game Shell and run on the ARM architecture of Linux, they will work.

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Thanks you reminded me something :slight_smile:

Speaking of pico-8 there are a bunch of other fantasy consoles:


Wow, from my side it is big yes as we all know playing a game has its own benefits like increasing multitasking skills and all. As we have to do a lot many things simultaneously in the game while playing. this is really a great initiative to start with. I am so late to get to know this but I so happy about this.

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