Gameshell and pico 8

Does anyone here have any idea wheather pico 8 will work on the gameshell.

I see that it’ll support raspian, so I’m guessing something like picopi could also work?

I have limited knowledge on how these things work. I’m just currently learning how to program In pico 8. But if it was to work and being able to play my games on the go on a handheld console, that would be s childhood dream come true!

Firstly, welcome to the community. We already have a thread on this, of which you can find here.

However, to answer your question: in general, anything that works in Linux on ARM (especially things already working in Raspian) are expected to work on the GameShell. So there should be none or very few caveats to getting it working.

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Ah I do apologise. I did have a look but must of missed it. Thankyou for the reply! Fingers crossed for this.

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PICO-8 for Raspberry Pi does not work well on the C.H.I.P. and the CHIP version is made for it especially, and the license for the CHIP version is tied to be used on the CHIP. Using it on something else would be a breach of the license, and even if you own a normal license.

I made a video a couple of years ago that show both version (CHIP and Pi) on a CHIP board:

What can be done though is to ask Zep for a port on the GameShell.

As the ClockworkPi/Gameshell use the same type of SoC as the CHIP (both are AllWinner with a MALI) you should expect the same performances with the Pi version, which is the only legal one you can use with a normal PICO-8 license.

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As mentioned in the thread that aewens linked to above, it might be worth looking into LÖVE if you’re looking to build something with Lua.

The transition is pretty simple from PICO-8.

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I know nothing about PICO-8 so my comment is purely to say - that’s probably why CHIP computers are no more.

Let me rephrase myself because I think is wasn’t clear

1) There are two version of PICO-8 for ARM devices:

  • The Raspberry Pi version that you get when buying a normal PICO-8 License
  • The CHIP/PocketCHIP version that you have for free if you own a CHIP or a Pocket CHIP

The license of the first is linked with your Lexaloffle account, so I think you can legally use it on something else than a Raspberry Pi.
The license of the (Pocket)CHIP version allow this version to be run only on a (Pocket)CHIP.

2) The Raspberry Pi version does not work well on (Pocket)CHIP
and as the ClockWorkPi use a similar SoC as the (Pocket)CHIP we should expect the same issues

I think it’s more because the company was a shambles and has gone into liquidity despite a pretty decent demand for CHIPs, CHIP Pros and especially PocketCHIPs.

I picked up a second-hand PocketCHIP myself and it’s definitely a buyer’s market.