Emulator Question

I realise that all ROMs discussion is not for discussion here.

Regarding emulators, will the GameShell come preloaded with emulators or will we need to find, compile and install them ourselves after assembling the kit?

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@yong @hal On that note, in the Kickstarter it mentions “OS and games” will be loaded on the GameShell. Can you elaborate on what games as well as what else will be included on the SD card aside from the Debian-derived OS?

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I think it will be loaded with Cave story, Free Doom, Retroarch (not including Copy-righted ROMs), and some PyGame examples.


Thanks for the update @yong retroarch should be a good starting point

I need sauerbraten example gameplay

If you consult the rules of the forum / Kickstarter comments, emulators are a taboo subject as they lie in the grey area of the law. If you want to discuss emulators / emulated games, we have the community Discord server for these types of questions.


Sauerbraten is native game and open source.

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How did I not know about that game? Now I need to see this too :smiley:

please look