Solid cover / Antena mod - uConsole

Hi all!
I received my stuning uConsole, and I love it too much to leave it unprotected!
So I created a basic but strong pla cover for it.

Edit 2
I added a new version of the antenna, which drastically improve the Wi-Fi connection.

This new design allows the antenna to be clipped in two different position :

  • Plated against the chassis (more compact but less range)

  • Deployed (better reception more bulky)

Edit 1
The V2 ( uCo-COUV-01-V2-5.STL) can be clip-on on the back of the uConsole, using the stand as a support.

The thingiverse link:


If it has to clamp on that might mean paint getting rubbed off over time, just fyi.

Yes, I put a gap of 1mm to avoid that. The paint is quite fragile indeed! The pads under cover are larges to avoid a single point of pressure on the uConsole.

I bet we could find some bag that would fit snug instead?

In fact, I have a perfect bag for my U. The only problem is that it is not rigid, hence the usefulness in my case of a shell.
I’m too afraid to break the screen!

That is the bag I uses:
Eastpak K045
DIMENSIONS: H: 21 cm L: 16 cm P: 5.50 cm

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I’ve carried my DevTerm in a similar bag - it offers more protection - puts a cloth layer between your unit and the real world…

scratches give it character


If you want something more compact and handy just to protect the screen, I made a flippy cover that stay attached to it:


Someone needs to attach a second screen to it :joy:


Anyone ever find a right size clear screen protector, or a good cut to size one? That’d be all I really need.

In my case, no, but I know the existence of resizable screen protector, in 5, 6, 7 or more inch diagonals. There fit perfectly for lot of specials devices.

Thanks Kirou, have you posted your STL files yet?

This is pretty much exactly what I was looking for!


Files are - finally- added! By thingiverse.

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