Error reading micro sd card on Mac OS X

Howdy, all

This is the first time I’m trying to update/flash my gameshell’s clockwork os image. I’m on a Mac (macOS Mojave 10.14).

When I insert the micro sd card in it, I get the following popup every time, and it fails to read it.

Error message: The disk you inserted was not readable by this computer.

Is flashing the sd card not supported on a Mac?

just ignore it, this kind of tips will show up on both windows and osx because the filesystem on that sd-card is linux

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If you really want to access the files on your Mac, you can purchase the extFS for Mac from Paragon Software. This would grant you full read/write access the partitions on the GameShell memory card. I believe a 7-day free trial is available. Be forewarned though; It’s very easy to corrupt the data on the card accessing it in this manner.

@guu @lasvegas so, the drive doesn’t show up in Finder. Are you saying Etcher will still be able to write to it? I can try, but was worried I might end up borking it.


yeah, just try it

and it won’t broken your Mac or sd-card

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Funnily enough, the 0.5 image doesn’t give this message. Instead, we can see the boot partition, where we can view the kernel etc.
Previously I would need to boot into windows or Linux for this.
Bonus! :smiley:

Cool, will try later today and update.


From a Mac, you can easily write the image to a memory card using Terminal!

  1. Determine the disk id of the card:

diskutil list

  1. Find the disk id that you want to write to. If any of its partitions are mounted, unmount them (Assuming ‘disk3’):

diskutil umountDisk disk3

  1. Write your image to the disk:

dd if=[path to img file] of=rdisk3 bs=8m


if = Input File. Drag the file into the terminal window from Finder after typing the ‘=’. Terminal will fill it in for you.
of = Output File. Be sure to use the ‘rdisk’ variant. Less problems.
bs = Block Size. 8 Megabytes is safe.

When it’s done, you will get the same error that the disk is not readable. Don’t worry about it…


Alright, I was able to flash the sd card with v0.5. Thanks, everyone!

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