DevTerm without radios (no Wifi and no bluetooth)

My use case requires a DevTerm with no radios, meaning no Wifi and no bluetooth - it needs to be completely air-gapped at the hardware level.

Does the DevTerm fulfill this requirement, or can it be made to fulfill this requirement? It won’t work to simply disable the radios with software - I need the actual radios to be removed.

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The main board has a WiFi and BT module on it. I suppose you could remove it with hot air.


this is not like a laptop where you can pull those components - but even really thin laptops have those components on the main board - if this is security contractor related - suggest you discuss a used brand of laptop on their buy list and purchase one - install linux then gut those components…

I’ve got a CM4-Lite I use with the DevTerm for just this reason. You could theoretically remove the radio, but it’s a lot easier for my usecase to tie GPIO3 and GPIO5 (I think?) to ground, which disables the external wifi chip’s wifi and bluetooth functionality. I do this in software once the OS is booted but before I load key material; just resetting the GPIO state isn’t enough to make the connection come back (the driver’s probably in the wrong state) so I’m comfortable with that level of security. If you’re not, you could physically cut the traces to those pins on the external chip, or perhaps just remove C201 to disable the antenna.

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get one with no core and cm4 adapter… then put something like a cm4 with no wireless… like CM4008000 in it…

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The main board still has WiFi on it. The cm4 can’t access it but it’s there, if this is for a secret clearance type job it might not even be allowed to be in the unit at all.

Yep my thoughts exactly if this is for a certified space - probably need a laptop you can gut those parts out of and get it cleared for use… DevTerm is cool and all and very useful but if I had to do serious scripting or maintenance tasks using terminal I’d prefer the larger keyboard of a laptop anyway.