RJ45 as extension board

I have been contemplating getting a uconsole for a while.

I generally really like it, but it would be genuinely super useful for me as a network debugging tool. Missing an RJ45 is the only thing that prevents me from ordering one. Especially since the WiFi seems to be pretty bad.

Extension boards seem to be a good idea unless there is a new revision coming anytime soon, but I haven’t seen anybody working on something like it, and honestly I’m not even sure if the extension port opening is big enough for one.

Did anybody who owns one researched this a bit more?

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As USB 2.0 seems to be the IO bottleneck on this board, you might as well get a USB ethernet adapter.

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It’s not really about speed but convenience. It doesn’t need to be anywhere near gigabit. A 100Mbit connection would be already a lot more than one would need for the this type of tinkering.

I admit I haven’t looked at the extension board connections, but an integrated USB Ethernet port would be a possibility AFAIK, since USB is feasible on the extension.

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I use a uHub and then use a usb-c ethernet dongle. The uHub shows out of stock on Tindie but the seem to pop up as in stock from time to time. https://www.tindie.com/products/quadbit/uhub/

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you could put one on the inside like this person did. there is a internal usb solder pads you can connect to.


Yeah, the connection would top out around ~43MB/s or ~360Mbps. Should be fine for what you’d want to do but just wanted to set expectations.

I saw this and it is quite brilliant.

I think it’s the right idea for an official v2 implementation, but to be honest it doesn’t look too sturdy, and currently the screwed down nature of the expansion port seems to be a better option for me.

But again, maybe even the expansion port route is not physically possible without cutting the case which I personally don’t really want to do considering how well made it is.

Overall I’m just surprised that no one really seem to care about it.

I have to use ethernet usually 1-2 a day at work I just use a usb-c to RJ-45 network dongle. it does only connect as a 10/100 but i only need to to push some configs so it’s more then enough.

Dell usb3 ethernet adapter speedtest to a linux vm on my desktop over the network. Plenty fast enough.

Has anyone managed to find free USB devices on the 4g expansion board? Can you show it clearly?

The opening to expose the expansion board’s ports hardly fits an RJ45 port, at least I cannot find a suitable part. The metal shell may need some modifications. I use a USB adapter when it’s necessary.

WiFi is bad, and is probably because of the metal shell and antenna arrangement.

Although I do not have a uConsole, I am quite interested in this thread.
What are the dimensions of the cutout anyway, because I may have found a socket that might fit.

Anyhow, if there’s enough space I may be able to help by sharing the schematics for my dual ethernet and serial cartridge, I should publish those anyway sooner than later.

Yea, even with my external antenna mod I’m only getting 36MB down and 28MB up with iperf.

55mm wide, 10mm tall.

WDYM by “wifi is bad”?
Asking seriously, after re-placing antena it isn’t a speed daemon (R-01 isn’t meant to be one anyways :D) but connection is rock solid stable.

Did anybody who owns one researched this a bit more?

i own it but i haven’t had need to do researches.
Once receiving my unit i had really bad experience with wifi. “No biggie” i though and plugged my trusty RTL based TP-Link FE adapter.
I am generally not a fan of dongles of any kind, but using one with µConsole was clunkiness of its own kind.
This device is ment to be portable, while i can lay on bed with laptop and not notice stiff cord going out of my device, its surely noticeable from handheld device.

Typing on it while being “leashed” is something between using smartphone plugged to charger and watching a movie on a tablet without a stand ;d. Not sure if i conveyed experience but it was annoying to the point where µConsole was left plugged to charger and ethernet and i was using it over ssh, trying to troubleshoot wireless.

I suppose that even dedicated “network expansion card” won’t change much in this manner because weigth balance would be disturbed by dangling cord anyways. One might neglect that, for me even in rare use cases it’s unacceptable. Maybe RJ sitting on top of the device and rather in center would have more sense but expansion card’s slot is fixed so without drilling and milling “top center” isn’t really an option.

You might find this a bit unrelated, but in network debugging scenario i would rather use some wireless-to-ethernet bridge like good old Ovislink 5450 AP which has this option and manage wires over such “local wifi”.

Don’t get me wrong, i run wires everywhere it’s possible and before buying i though “huh, why such capable device doesn’t come with ethernet jack by default” but once i got my device it was obvious that only CRT display builtin would be more wierd experience than using µConsole on a leash.

dang, just short by one mm.
Tough I think you might just get away with having the socket facing the inside, perhaps a RJ45 plug does not exceed the height including the clip.
That also depends tough on the stackup between the EXT and the main board.

You replaced the antenna right? At least you modify the original antenna arrangement. What I would like to express is the disappointment with the original design.

BTW I feel that 2.4G WiFi and Bluetooth never work in harmony on uConsole. Bluetooth audio often stutters when there’s load on 2.4G WiFi.

Actually i just unglued antena from it’s “by the manual” position to other, like changing polarization. Nothing major really. But i need to point that i am using mainboard’s NIC, as R01 doesn’t come with NIC of its own.

I feel that 2.4G WiFi and Bluetooth never work in harmony on uConsole

From my experience it isn’t isolated to µConsole. My Dell laptop also drops few 2.4G packes while connected to bluetooth - anything really. Once BT transfer starts (even smooth constant bluetooth mouse movement) wifi starts to drop.