uConsole expansion card sneak peek

Stay tuned for another open-source expansion card for uConsole :rocket:


(bites lip) You made me actually order one… I’ve been sitting on the fence for months because it lacked those freaking pinouts.

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I’m curious to know if a pass through card slot is possible for connecting cards outside the console.

This looks very cool. Is there any update on this?

Yep, you can buy one right now


Awesome! Will buy today!

EDIT : “Work in progress on A-04/A-06 core modules support.”
Is that just firmware updates required for the RP2040? And is it something I could do after purchase, or should I wait?

I’m already have A06 test build, but is not tested yet.
Probably you want to wait a bit, this will be resolved in week, hopefully.

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do you have any interests about expose debug serial (GPIO32/GPIO33) out?
I looked your project and found that these pin are not exposed.

How about the uHub, when will it be available?
Great products btw :+1:t3:

that appears to be ribbon cable compatible :wink:

How about shipping to Canada?

Knowing this is somewhere in development made me order a uConsole lol

It looks like a full set of GPIO pins, I thought quite a few of the CPU board’s pins were used up by the main board though? Interested in how it will work :0

Need Shipping to Germany pls

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Shipping to France please?