Fan shroud for Devterm

Just had a look, I don’t see a way to add to the wiki. Whom do I send the STL file to be put on the wiki?

I’m not sure, maybe @guu ?

I’m not suggesting that this is the correct way, but maybe ?

I fear doing that would be a cause for ban… :laughing:

just remembered my Prusa-account. Will look how to post files there this evening…

Another way, that almost seems appropriate for the Devterm would be to go oldschool and attach a uuencoded version. :slight_smile:

I haven’t used that for ages, since I last grabbed something from UseNet, but it’s an ols solution for the same problem!

won‘t work since only pictures are allowed here…


The point of uuencoding is that the output is standard ASCII text - so you could paste it as a message, not an attachment.

But don’t do that, 'cos 51kB of gibberish would be very annoying to scroll through. Uploading it to a third-party host works fine - I just downloaded the STL from the Prusa website. Thanks!

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Yeah, I was only joking about uuencode. It solved the problem but for a different era. Thankfully we don’t have to see that gibberish anymore!

And thanks, @stefan for uploading that STL file to Prusa!

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So far my devterm rarely gets hot enough to run the fan at all. I haven’t tried anything very demanding on it yet though. I printed the shroud just for fun really.

This entire thread is amazing! I’m sure my A06 will need some modification when I get it, especially since I plan on using it for a cross country road trip this summer.

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@stefan would you be up for creating either a Thingiverse or MyMiniFactory account and posting your work there?

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I don‘t know MyMiniFactory.
Thingiverse I know and liked it in the past… nowadays there seem to be too many problems so I did not post there:

Does Prusa not work for you? As far as I know you don‘t need a Prusa printer to download there?
And them beeing a manufacturer of 3d printers, thingiverse belongs to Makerbot, also manufacturer.

Edit: typos :scream:

Oh wow, I wasn’t aware at all about the thingiverse data breach.

Does Prusa not work for you?

Nah, just sharing across multiple sites puts more eyes on projects and if a site goes down it’s still available somewhere.

I greatly appreciate what you’ve shared, no biggie on only having it on Prusa’s site :slight_smile:

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I just don‘t like having my data strewn over a lot of sites… I need a reason to open an account. I used GPL as licence, so feel free to post it elsewhere :+1::sunglasses:
Especially with this little design there is no artistic worth or anything, just a quick and dirty hack, not even worth a licence in my eyes :laughing:

Have printed a new back cover, I think it will be easier to remove a part of it and print a clip on to that than designing a new cover…

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My fan shroud/heatsink replacement :eyes:
I had wrote a simple daemon to throttle the big cores when the temperature hits 60°C, but now under sustained load it does not even go over 54°C…

Holy crap your A06’s are running hot! I get 55c-65c in gear 6, bumping up to 77c with heavy activity. Only able to hit the 80’s when I’m compiling on all 6 cores. I even dropped the max temp from 70c to 60c in as it hardly ever came on…

I’m just using the flexible metal heatsink that sticks to the case and comes included.

(Description of current heatsink being sent out - received my devterm 4/10/2022)

There are two small rectangles of solid heatsink putty and this thin flexible metal sheet with copper on one side and a dull silver on the other. The sheet had an adhesive and was covered with plastic, but mine was ajar and there was no sticky. I just super-glued it to the case (it sticks to the case, not the cpu), added both rectangles to the cpu, and slid the carrier into place. It fits nearly perfectly, making contact between the cpu and the copper on the case with a barely noticeable bulge.

The new wave of Devterms seems to include a heatsink that the first wave didn’t come with! The thin metal (graphene?) heatsink that sticks to the case is new. It seems to work well!

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Is this heatsink different than the one that had adhesive and sticks to the CPU? Picture definitely looks different. Here’s hoping there will be a way for those of us who bought one earlier to get one…