How cool does the DevTerm run?

A question for those who already put their hands on the DevTerm - how cool is it? And also, if the “Mini booster fan (6000RPM, the airflow towards CPU)” is noisy, could it be disabled or would the device overheat? Thx!


i can’t hear any noise from devterm, even the mini booster fan.
you just can feel warm where the backshell under the core board when you touch it


That’s excellent news, thanks! I mainly use old laptops, this is OK since I don’t need a lot of ooomph! but poor battery life and overall noisy machines is annoying at times.

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Mine overheated out-of-the-box (A06 and heatsink was installed). Noted the fan doesn’t turn on.

Turned out that by default the fan temperature on setting was 68000 degrees(!), so I lowered it to 55 degrees and it’s working fine.

Also I found that you really need a flat surface that doesn’t cover up the vents or it will overheat and shut down.

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No the temperature is not in °C but 1/1000 of degree so 68000 is actually 68°C

I see that makes sense, then I will set it up to 55000 instead. The fan noise is pretty minimal on the plus side.

I’ve been doing some testing of the A-06, and at the default settings - the two big cores disabled, the four little cores running at 1GHz - it runs very cool indeed.

This benchmark stresses both the CPU and GPU, generating as much heat as possible over ten minutes then allowing the system to cool down for another five.

Thermal Throttling - DevTerm (4 Little Cores, 1GHz)

At no point during the test did the fan need to kick in.

However, if you’re trying to use the RK3399 at its rated speeds - “Gear 6” in the adjustment program - it’s another story…

Thermal Throttling - Dev Term (6 Cores)

That hit the CPU’s throttle point in around nine seconds(!) - but do bear in mind that it’s, very deliberately, a worst-case workload. The fan, sadly, isn’t enough to cool things down: the CPU throttles, throttles again, and ends up somewhere around 600MHz before the benchmark’s over.