Fan shroud for Devterm

Nice work! Completely un-related but I could not help but notice the rotary tool you were using looks to be based off a TS-100 form factor, I’ve never seen anything like it, also wondering what brand of pencil you were using, can always use more tools! :joy:

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I actually had to look up that TS100 tool! Hah, it looks potentially smaller? It has an auto shut off when it detects too much resistance. I use it for building model kits, and if stops me from melting my plastic too much. I just uses it to smooth off rounded cutout. It’s by a modelling company from China called dspiae. They make really nice tools. I’m a huge sucker for tools.

The pencil is a Rotring 800. Apparently rotring Germany got bought out by a Japanese company. So they released a modern ish iteration of the Rotring 600 drafting pencil, and named if the Rotring 800. It’s entirely metal, including the main internal shaft. Brass construction throughout.

It comes in a bunch of sizes and configurations. That one is a 2mm clutch pencil. I’ve also got it in 0.5mm with a capacitative stylus tip, 0.7 with a retractable brass barrel and a ball point pen variant.

I use it for drafting purposes, but honestly mainly use them for music annotation. Anyway here’s some more pics I took of them on my Insta, cos I don’t want to clog things up here. Login • Instagram

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The TS-100/TS-80 is fairly smaller but if you are looking for an open source soldering iron it is hard to be beat! Pine64 does make a similar open source iron called the “Pinecil”, I’ll give you a follow!


I think if the fan delivers enough air the heatsink might be good enough, it is sometimes surprising how much a little bit of airflow helps!. .

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cooler is always better :laughing:

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Definitely. The problem mainly is thermal throttling that I’m experiencing when pushing the devterm to the limit.
I’m still getting throttling, although much later. I’m being stupid, and trying to emulate gamecube on it, just to prove it can. it does. just not in a very playable state. (yet)

The heatsink for my A04 was factory installed. The shroud was a little too long so I had to trim it down. If I get motivated I might edit your design to make it fit my A04 a little better. The trimmed version is fine, but I also messed up and got a bit of gold filament trapped in the print which annoys me so I want to print it again anyway.

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Those of you who have built a fan shroud for your devterm: how have your results been? Have you seen thermals decrease? Very interested in trying this out for myself if you have seen improvements!

Can we possibly get an STL for the shroud to print?

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PM me your email and I will send it to you, unfortunately it seems we can only attach pictures to posts here…

I’d recommend uploading it to a free file-sharing site (or Dropbox/Google Drive/etc.) and posting a link here. I’d like to get a copy too, but I imagine lots of DevTerm owners would. It’s the sort if thing that could go on the wiki too.

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Just had a look, I don’t see a way to add to the wiki. Whom do I send the STL file to be put on the wiki?

I’m not sure, maybe @guu ?

I’m not suggesting that this is the correct way, but maybe ?

I fear doing that would be a cause for ban… :laughing:

just remembered my Prusa-account. Will look how to post files there this evening…

Another way, that almost seems appropriate for the Devterm would be to go oldschool and attach a uuencoded version. :slight_smile:

I haven’t used that for ages, since I last grabbed something from UseNet, but it’s an ols solution for the same problem!

won‘t work since only pictures are allowed here…


The point of uuencoding is that the output is standard ASCII text - so you could paste it as a message, not an attachment.

But don’t do that, 'cos 51kB of gibberish would be very annoying to scroll through. Uploading it to a third-party host works fine - I just downloaded the STL from the Prusa website. Thanks!

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Yeah, I was only joking about uuencode. It solved the problem but for a different era. Thankfully we don’t have to see that gibberish anymore!

And thanks, @stefan for uploading that STL file to Prusa!

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