Game not showing

I have uploaded like 50 games .gba but i dont see either gbc or gb file in the MGBA folder is it normal ?
Thanks for the feedback :wink:

Yes, edit your action.config and add gb and gbc extension How to add new emulators (Gameboy, SNES, etc.)

LAUNCHER=retroarch -L

Either that or use a gb/gbc emulator like gambatte

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Out of curiosity, why is the title “SNES” for MGBA?

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Haha I didnt have my gameshell and copied the content from the How to add new emulators (Gameboy, SNES, etc.) thread and did it by hand.

Title doesn´t change anything relevant, should work, its just what you would see in the screen when you select that icon.

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I loaded my GB games to the mgba folder, and my gameshell didn’t show the games I loaded. Then I changed the “. gb” to “.gba”, then I can play my old gameboy games.