MGBA not finding games

Hello I have recently uploaded some games to my Gameshell but it is not selecting or finding my files for any GBA games? is it my file or do i have to do something for it to recognize it. also Is there a way for me to make my Start & Select buttons on the device for playing MAME games? Sorry if i am asking for a lot lol.

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Larry your not asking a lot. I’m at the same point got the GBA games to the MGBA folder and edited the action.config told to reboot and still doesn’t work.

I remember a lot of dos and learned a lot of Linux commands now… LOL

What is the extention of your gba file ? I put a .GBA in my device and it work

its gbc. And edited the action file

I used roms with gba extension and works fine

If your gamefile is to large like 30mb
It doesn’t work. If that is the case just encrypt to a zip and change to .gba again