Game Shell Powers on as soon i charge

My GameShell powers on as soon i connect it to the charger.
Is this the normal process?
Can it be changed?

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This happens to me as well.
As far as I am aware, it is annoying, but normal.

alright, maybe there is some work around

Yeah, true for me. Dont know how to turn this functionoff.

Some tech devices have this function in this days, for example, nintendo switch.
This is normal, but is annoying for me too. I have other “third parties” consoles with this characteristic… Like neogeoXgold, dingoo.
So, someone knows any way to “null” this characteristic and very interested on this!

Maybe a script to turn off the screen and leave it off could provide some sort of workaround, but should turn back on if any key is pressed. It seems the device has some sort of screensaver feature, but the screen turns back on after a while, and off again…

Even if it’s really annoying I don’t think it’s such a big deal.

What is really annoying for me is the fact that you cannot know if it’s still charging and if the charge is completed because there is not LED that indicates so when it’s turned off.

That bugs me a lot because I don’t know if the battery can be overcharged or damaged and because I can’t measure precisely how much it takes to charge it to full capacity.

If you go to Settings --> Power Option --> Server
You can charge the device and it will automatically turn the screen off


Or just power off, it still charges. Its annoying but thats how SBCs work

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Thanks, it works with this!

It seems if the device is powered off it only takes 0.15-0.35 A, meanwhile if it’s powered on and charging, it takes 0.60 A, I guess some amount of the consumption is taken by the device itself by running the OS of course, but in overall, the charging power is very limited it seems. I have connected it to a 3.4 A charger (from that it can consume all it want), and still it takes about 2-3 hours to fully charge. Also noticed using “BatMon” (Battery Monitor) script, that the device actually never goes beyond 86%, meanwhile the native icon shows fully charged (the device is brand new, so battery degradation should not be a concern unless shipped in already degraded form)

The values of the percentage are calculated with the data from the file /sys/class/power_supply/axp20x-battery/uevent


And the percentage is calculated by this: ((voltage_now-voltage_min)/(voltage_max-voltage_min)) * 100
So yeah your battery voltage while fully charged is lower than 4200000

Which is perfectly fine, mine fully charged shows 90%. The max voltage of that formula is 4.2v and the battery is rated 3.7V, 3.7V is 88% out of 4.2V

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