Turning on when charging is it normal?


I am new to clockwork pi… when I charge my gameshell it automatically turns on, is this normal or is there an issue with my unit??

If normal is there a way to disable it automatically turning on?

yes it’s normal, don’t know a way to prevent this :confused:

thank you :kissing_heart:

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I’ll have to test it out, but if if doesn’t initially start up, I’m fairly sure that it won’t receive charge. The status light on the back is orange when charging; which I think is determined by kernel parameters.
Eg, when you don’t have an SD card in, and plug it in, the unit doesn’t turn on/boot up; but it also doesn’t receive charge.

Not a solution per se, but having it run in “Balanced” or “Power Saving” will have if automatically turn off after booting up when plugging in power. I use it in the former for the most part, and rarely run into any problems with system performance.

How do I enable that?

If you go into the settings, there’s an option to choose your desires power profile. (From memory)

Thanks @javelinface. :smiley: Is this also in your version of the 0.5 OS?

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Yes it is. It’s basically the same as a stock 0.5 image, just updated a lot, and with most of the more difficult and popular emulators, mods and apps compiled together.