Can I charge it when I shut down?

Can I charge it when I shut down?
I shut down, no display on the screen, I don’t know if I’m charging.

it should charge fine, mine turns itself on when i plug it in for charging, but will turn itself off after couple of minutes, no LED indicator or anything but still charge.

You setup power is choice Server? or other choice performance?

I chose balance, sometime when I need to do lots of ssh via wifi I will choose server.

ok. thanks. I choice Server.

For charging, it doesn’t matter how you set it up, after you shut it down.
Setting it as server, plugging it in, and not intervening will actually make it charge slower.
Server mode prioritises wifi, to prevent dropouts, BUT also keeps the clockwork pi on. The screen will turn off, but the machine is still active.

Also, @apple - check out the search function in the forums! You can find a lot of the answers to your problems, usually asked by other members. I found this one by typing “Power” in the search field.