Missing slice of screen with MGBA?

Hi guys.

My GS just arrived and I’m struggling a bit with the emulators. So I’ve managed to use WinSCP to drop files into my GS, but I’m running Pokemon Yellow using the default MGBA and it seems like the game runs perfectly except a slice of the screen is missing?

Anyone else experienced this? Any help if possible - thanks!

I just got mine today.
In retroarch, go to settings.
Turn Windowed Fullscreen Mode OFF.

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I have the same issue, the suggestion to change Windowed Fullscreen to OFF did not fix it, I am missing about 5% of the screen on the right side.

So I reinstalled the os and all was fine, after I went to do the update from the menu option now I have the same slice missing! I hate it! It happens with gb and gbc, not with gba games or at any other point

So I did manage to solve this problem by following the guide over at this wonderful place. It doesn’t pertain specifically to MGBA, but rather Gambatte, but both do a solid job with GB and GBC games.

Gambatte-libretro aspect error with lima driver in v0.3 OS

It took me a fair share of tinkering, but if you need some additional help, let me know. I’d be happy to assist as I can.