Video Settings to get different emulators to run in full screen?


I have been messing around with my gameshell today and I have most things running fine.
My main issue right now though is getting games to run in full screen.

It took me forever just to get the NES games running full screen, but now I can’t get my Atari 2600 games to do the same… they only fill about 3/4 of the screen.
The MBGA emulator is worse… maybe 1/2 of the screen is used… it’s tiny!!!

I have gone through the retroarch video settings over and over, changing one thing… testing… nope… exit game… change another setting… testing… nope… exit game… change… over and over.

Does anyone have any clue or help they can give?

I just want all my games in my different emulators to run full screen (and keep original aspect ratio so they don’t look funky). I do know that there will be some games that may have a bar on the top and bottom etc… because of different aspect ratio… but not as bad as it is now.

Thanks in advance for any help!

image image image

This is what i have. Running the gl driver. I see you have a setting set to Core provided for aspect ratio, could be it that needs changing to something else

Thanks for the response Wizz.

I decided to duplicate your settings and it seems to have worked.
Now my GBA games are full screen and my Atari2600 games are as close to full screen as they can come (width is filled with just a tiny bit of black at the bottom due to resolution difference).

I appreciate the help!