Gameshell Device Page on linux-sunxi wiki

While exploring the device (and in particular in search to get a new modern OS by building with Batocera I am exploring the kernel & u-boot building.

I’ve create a new wiki page :page_facing_up: on the linux-sunxi wiki :

The idea is to cross information with other AllWinner R16 A33 devices in order to see what could potentially run on this hardware and what efforts could be shared with other hardware devices.

For example while browsing the wiki I found another device that is using the same chip : Miyoo PocketGo-S30 which has a nice “firmware” GitHub - retrogamecorps/Simple30: A streamlined, powerful user experience for the PocketGo S30 (see it in action on youtube)… not sure what can be mutual, but I want to figure it out.

It would be great to have other contributions on the wiki page as to avoid having all information about the gameshell only on this forum !

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For the UART section, I’ve added photos from @steward-fu I hope it’s OK with you. Thanks for documenting this.