State of GPU Driver



I’ve decided to pick this up again after thinking about the possibility of using this as a portable Midi synthesizer (homebrew of course) instead of just an emulator machine.

With that, may I know what is the state of the Mali drivers right now?

I read that Sunxi was able to run an OPENGL rendering stability test 24/7 for 1.5 months on the R16/A33 sometime this year and I would like to know if proper drivers have been included with the Gameshell yet.

Thanks for the amazing support previously and I am glad that I will become part of this community soon in January 2019.

Which OpenGL version is supported?

Do you have a link about that?


Here, I’m not sure how reliable it is but I’m seeing multiple places talking about funded VPU or GPU acceleration drivers.


I also tried

but none of the drivers can run on GS now


May I have the link to the latest post by the developers on the state of the drivers?


I’m interested to hear what the developers have to say too. I did a bit of research on this and discovered this repository:
Which aim is to create an open source replacement.

Edit: Seems like there is one developer working on on an open source driver for the Mali GPU. It was proposed to add it to mainline. [1]
But, it’s lacking a few things such as power management, which sounds like it’d be important for the gameshell :slight_smile:. Kind of bummed to learn this, but I already placed an order so oh well :sweat_smile:.