Performance compared to Retrostone?

Anyone here have a RetroStone and has done any performance comprasions? I’m surprised to find nothing online

Well that is Allwinner H3 versus A33:

the A33 have more Instruction cache, and is clocked a bit faster (1.2 vs 1.5GHz)

I’d say all in all they’d be very similar in performance however it would be a better experience with the GS due to it’s modularity and the OS. I do however prefer the back button set up on the RetroStone. The Light Key is cool but it’s now very practical for my big hands and I can’t get it in an overly comfortable position for use.

Thank you both!
It seems like the I should keep waiting rather than get a Stone. Or get both XD

Stone seems way to small. Just get a Pi if you’re gonna hook to TV.

It’s a cool “one stop for everything” device but the GS looks like it does it better.

The removable LightKey is WAY better as well as it caters to those who want and those who don’t. - I switch back and forth a lot as I like taking it apart haha

Isn’t the stone way larger?

It looks to be about the size of an rpi in total. That’s a little small for holding imo

Retrostone and GS are pretty much identical size, I have both. Main advantage Retrostone has is a more polished distro.

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That’s awesome that you have both. How to they compare performance wise? The screen on the stone seems so much bigger so I’m amazed the devices are the same size. I’d love to hear your thoughts


The devices side by side.

Its hard for me to comment on performance as picocom didn’t seem to work on Gameshell which is normally my goto on ARM and I haven’t managed to get PSX games running either.

I broke the install on GS and need to dismantle it to re-install.


You rock dude! I’ve been trying to find that comparison