🐧 Gameshell kernel history recap (and the future ?)

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:scroll: History

Trying to dig into the kernel versions supported by the gameshell hardware, here is what I found :

Thank you all for the amazing work you all have done on this project. Feel free to comment if I missed some working kernels or info, I’ll update the original post since there is no wiki (documentation is good!)…

:crystal_ball: Future

What could we expect for the future ? I am prompted this question by this comment by @smaeul that states that some of the patches to get the 5.7 kernel working are now mainline since 5.13. Also for reference the Linux kernel version history - Wikipedia might give us some info about which kernels are still supported upstream.

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arch port can update himself from mainline arch linux arm servers and from my dedicated pacman repository (source),
kernel is custom build and so not mainlined, latest available one on my arch repo was 5.6.3

i yet need a new batterie, wasn’t used my gs for a really long time …