GameShell for sale in the U.S

Folks, I have decided to sell my GameShell unit. It is in near-new condition, as I have only used it 3 times. The unit has the white front shell and blue back shell. My unit does not have the optional LightKey pad. I will also include a spare SanDisk Ultra 32gb card.

I am in the United States so shipping in the US will be via USPS Priority Mail.

If you are overseas, please be advised that all shipping costs will be at YOUR expense (no exceptions will be made), and the costs must be included with the payment for the unit. So please keep this in mind.

I’m in the US and would love to buy this, PM your details

If this is still available, please PM me.

If still available please let me know

My unit has been sold.

My unit has already been sold.