Questions regarding GameShell UI


I received my GameShell yesterday and I am quite impressed with the hardware packaging and all, wonderful experience!

However, I find the software to be rather unintuitive in my opinion.

-For example, keys volume up and down are actually individual keys on the keyboard and they do not work in every application. They have to be bound in the applications themselves for the keys to work. I find this really hard to swallow, it makes sense to make the gamepad keypad so that they’ll work in games that do not support gamepads but this is ridiculous.

-There is no simple method to turn off Bluetooth without keeping wifi turned on as far as I know. We shouldn’t need to ssh to turn it off.

-There are too many folders in the UI that does the same thing. Developers should unify all the different folders so that installation of games and applications (and retroarch shortcuts) are all in “~/home/cpi/apps/…” folder instead of “~/home/cpi/launcher/…”. The icons for all the applications should also be kept in the folder in “apps”.

-No fast forward in music player (this is really just a nit pick)

Maybe we should be given clockwork OS image creator instead of precompiled images that have all these messes? This will make it easier for us too so that we don’t have to use GParted to expand the partition.

Overall, I understand that the software is still in its infancy but I hope developers will take these feedbacks seriously. Thanks, @yong for this amazing device!


Hello indeed the software is kind cumbersome especially for a new user. It needs improvements and hopefully with the help of this community it will reach a finer level

Access to the full OS image would really be awesome. The manual root partition resize e.g. bothers me personally and would be easy to fix I guess. Not possible without access to the full system though…