GameShell not turning on at all

I recently recieved my gameshell in the mail and completed building it. Unfortunately the system wouldn’t turn on.
I have been looking through the forums and have tried everything possible to no avail.
Flipping cables, reset button, different sd card, but nothing seems to work.
The only thing that happens is a green light comes on both when I plug it in, and when I press the reset button, but it only stays on for a second before turning off.
Any help would be appreciated, thank you.

Try reflashing the image, or another SD card.

I tried that. I got a SD card that I know works, and I flashed the OS but it still doesn’t seem to power on. Still the same green light that turns on for a second before turning off.

Are you running from the battery or powering from micro USB cable? A low battery can have enough power to start a boot but then fails to continue.

I tried both from the battery after having charge over night, as well as just having the board plugged in with the USB cable and the display, but it does the same thing.

So I did have a similar issue and it was because the display connector was not located into the CPI board correctly. I was trying to run the CPI board only and using the HDMI output. It does seem that you have checked the connectors however worth another look. Where are you located?

And silly question regards the power on button is near the USB and HDMI connectors and not the PB on the other side. Press and hold for at least 4 seconds.

I’ve checked all the connections multiple times and they all seem to be correct, so i’m not really sure what else the problem could be. I can maybe try to connect it with the hdmi but I’ll have to find a cable that works in order to try that.

Hi, so here is the cable to use, it is not particularly long however works.