Gameshell not turning on

i got my gameshell (NEW) for christmas and i loved playing it but when it ran out of battery i charged it to an outlet and it didnt work, after i charged it to my pc and it still didnt work…
please help!

potential USB port damage? take a look at your main board, and if it seems ok just take out your battery and put it back in cause sometimes the battery just acts up a bit

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There’s an elusive “reset” button on the inner edge of the mainboard. Plug it in, and try holding that for a few seconds.

I’m, assuming that no charge LED light turns on when you plug it in.

Another thing that could have happened is file system corruption. There is a safeguard in place to shut down the system when it detects low battery. There are even a lot of alerts that pop up. However, I’m not sure if they pop up when you’re actually playing a game, or just in the launcher. I haven’t ever actually run the system down to 0%.

Regardless, if you have potentially done this, you may need to flash a new image. For now, try finding an old unused SD micro from somewhere. Flash an image, and see if your gameshell boots up. If that works, you might be able to repair the original SD card using a chkdsk or similar, but if that’s out of your depth, you might as well just flash a new card. You might even get lucky and be able to reinsert your original card and have it work.

Of course, do the usual checking of the cables in the gameshell, both for any damage, and to see if they’re all firmly connected.

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@Michael_The_Maker i rebuilt it, but there seemed to be nothing wrong. and the usb port works fine, i use it normally for my mouse, no damages made.

@javelinface can you tell me more details about the reset button? i cant seem to find it, and do press it while everything’s running?

It’s on the edge opposite the power button. I’ve had luck pushing it while the USB is plugged in. But if you’re asking if you push it while everything is running, it sounds like you’ve got it working?
The main thing to try first is flashing a spare SD card. That usually solves your problem.

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@javelinface im sorry for not being specific but what i meant by “while every thing is running” i meant “while everything is connected” also i found another micro-SD card, should i copy the files from the original SD card? (found the reset button, pressed it while everything is connected and it didn’t seem to work)

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With the reset button, try also holding it down a few seconds, pushing it a few times etc.

Don’t copy your old card’s contents over, since we’re using a control group card to find out if it’s your card that is corrupted. It won’t work if you copy your original card’s contents over, and it turns out it’s corrupted.

This can also be a good time to flash an updated and/or custom firmware to try out.

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@javelinface ok, also ive been thinking if it doesnt work ill get a new one. because i cant get it repaired, because i moved to a new city that is more rural, it doesnt have places to repair electronics. also thanks for the help that youve given me!

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No worries! That’s what the community is for :slight_smile:
Hopefully we’ll get you up and running again.
I don’t know if even any city based electronic stores would be able to help with the Gameshell given how custom built and specialised it is. They would have to have been on the forums to work out how if all works.
Are you all good with flashing images to SD cards?
I have some simple installation instructions here that should basically be the same for most images:

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@javelinface thanks for the link, i dont even know what flashing an image to an SD card is, so i really needed the help

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