Gameshell not working at all


Hi there,

I assembled my Gameshell a while ago but had no time to test it until now.

At the very first time I started it it showed just a blank white screen where I could do nothing.
I then tried to restard it. Since then its dead. No LEDs. Nothing on the Display. Just dead.

I doublechecked all the cables and so on so I just thing the mainboard somehow died…

I hope you can help!


Try unplugging the battery and just powering it through the micro usb cable. Hope that works if not contact Hal and yong


Already tried…
Well guess I ll have to contact them then…


Did you make sure the SD card is OK? Try writing the image to the SD again and make sure it is correctly inserted.


Yeah the image is there and i even changed the sd card…

But the board is not showing any lifesign at all…


Hope that you can get a replacement board.


Did not get any answer yet…