Gameshell out of stock

Me too ! still waiting the GameShell :video_game: to restock :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Also waiting for a new cpu upgraded model of Gameshell.

will that be? I think the 3.1 is the updated one, iirc.

I’ve been checking daily, but I’m curious if anyone knows if there’s an approximate date the Gameshells might be back in stock? Just need some hope :sweat_smile:

Thanks for your interest! @L_Sizzle95 ,
While our current priority is to get DevTerm pre-orders shipped before April, we will try to get GameShell back in about the same time.


I have ordered a DevTrem and I look forward to receiving it. Can you provide some information about the R&D progress of DevTrem. Calm my anxious mood, THANKS!


Clearly not the best topic to ask such a question.

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If anyone has a Gameshell that they would like to unload (and willing to ship to Canada) please let me know. Thanks.

waiting for a RPI CM4 powered gameshell, is this something in the road map?

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I still would love to buy the new main board with the hdmi out