GameShell screen aspect ratio

I’ve heard that the GameShell screen scratches very easily and I’m a bit concerned about this. The screen size is listed as a 2.7 inches on the site, but there’s no information about the aspect ratio. Is it 16:9? This information would be useful for people buying screen protectors.

The screen’s resolution is 320x240, it says this on the screen’s outer case as a matter of fact :slight_smile:

This easily identifies as 4:3 or can be calculated using a website like this:

There are also a couple of threads already on the topic of screen protectors, seek them out to see other people’s thoughts, findings and solutions on the matter.

I haven’t received my GameShell yet, thanks a lot for the information!

Hey man, I can only advise to apply the screen protector before cutting out the plastic pieces and assembly. Also wear nitril kitchen gloves to prevent finger prints under the screen protector.
The aspect ratio is 4:3 which is good for retro games.
By the way you can‘t always calculate aspect ratio from pixel size. Both, Game Gear and Game Boy have 160x144 pixels but the Game Gear has an aspect ratio of 4:3 and the Game Boy 1.11 to 1.

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Yeah, now that you put it that way, 4:3 is just right for retro gaming. I bought a 2.7 inches 4:3 screen protector, so I hope there isn’t any cutting left to do after applying it, thanks for the tips!