On the LCD screen

I’d just like to comment, that I think the LCD screen is good quality, even though ive heard criticism of the staggered pixels. But, this made me think immediately of CRT TV’s , and how , we NEVER got clean pixel art on there, itwas always blurred , but that is what made the sprites looked better according to many…

So I don;t think the staggered pixels effect the quality of the picture much. If anything it gives a minor blur, not very noticable. that is similar to what u got on a CRT

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I have no complaint about the screen but if it was slightly bigger then it would be better! There is still room to fit a bigger screen on the current GS i think.

I am actually a fan of it, for this exact reason!
I wouldn’t imaging anything that requires a higher resolution would run very well on the Gameshell.

I’m also a fan of it. as a customized product if it provides another option of screen when i am buying would be better!

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Well then! You’ll be happy to hear this! :smiley: