Change a larger LCD screen on GS

I’ve tried a 3.5" lcd screen: KD035LQFPA093-01 on GameShell.
To change the lcd screen ,we need a adapter pcb board, a 45pin Flexible Printed Circuit(Different faces), and a new 3D printing shell.
The kernel image files also need to be replaced.I used the 5.3.6 version.

Here is a google drive link to the custom files.


The 3D print looks amazing. What kind of material and 3D printing method?

nylon material with painting :grinning:


Very cool and looks standard. Nice.

Nice job! This screen however is still 320x240 right? It would be interesting to see a bigger resolution screen.

yes, it’s still 320x240

Oh this looks like a great mod! Any way we can see how you hooked this up on the internals?

I am curious… would a 640x480 screen like this then ?

I have never really thought about hacking it like that but for sure would be nice to have double the resolution on some games.

It would need some kind of board for the interface, as its 54 pins and the cpi mainboard has 40 pin conector

Hmmm so some hacking required… :slight_smile: Fairy nuff, that is what the gameshell is all about no?

the internals like this:


What application to open .PCB file?

Amazing work. I would love to see if a 640x480 screen could work? As much as I love the default screen, some PSX games need a little better resolution. How much of a performance hit would that cause?

I tried a 640x480 screen.The screen worked well, but I don’t know how to modify the launcher to adapt to the bigger resolution.


Love this! When I played some RPG with lots of text, it’s really painful to play on the small screen. This is amazing. Thanks for sharing.

That’s awesome! Time for me to get my mod on! Surely there would some sort of automated way to change all the “320x240” values to “640x480” for all the system stuff?? I’m no programmer but there would have to be a way

Maybe @Petrakis @guu @javelinface could lend some insight??

the only way to do that is maybe to scale the launcher x2

I only had three weeks to develop the launcher before the gs released, so I never planned the bigger screen resolution…


I have to check the content of the xorg.conf

But a couple of things should be changed in the launcher to make it dynamic.
Starting from

I just modify some files below:
launcher/.cpirc 320->640
launcher/ 320->640 240->480 the size of createby_clockworkpi_b64 -> old size*4
Then it can run under 640x480, with a little laggy.

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You are da man!!! :muscle: