GameShell shuts off


Okay. After updating to the new image and restoring everything… I can’t play a game for 10 minutes without the GS just shutting off. (Almost like the battery is dead) so I turn it back on immediately and the battery says it’s full.

Anyone else have this issue? I was playing on GamBatte emulator if that make a difference.

Edit: left it on the launcher to see if it would shut down. No errors

Booted up a GB game with GamBatte… shit down in <5 minutes.

Trying with a GBA rom now

EDIT 2: tried with gPSP and it shut down. Never had this issue before… it’s basically unplayable.


AIRPLANE mode seemed to fix the issue.
I assume it’s a BT issue, but I don’t use BT so it doesn’t bother me to have it off.

Would like a fix tho.


what version os ? 0.2 or 0.21?

and could you ssh into gs ,get the launcher git hash number out please?


cd ~/launcher
git rev-parse --short HEAD



Pretty sure I’m on 0.21

hash is ba76103


Hasn’t happened again tho since I turned off Bluetooth. (Airplane mode, then I pushed Y to save the wifi) how do I check OS version so I can give you correct info lol


that’s enough for now


and maybe you can do another test

turn on the Bluetooth and others like before,just kill gsnotify-arm ,see if this happend again

in ssh

killall gsnotify-arm


Just did that, and am running Pkmn Red to test.

No errors so far… BT is on. GSNotify has been killed. So educated guess is it’s something to do with how BT and Notifications clash when they are ran at the same time. I dunno if that made any sense.

EDIT: I have also noticed sometimes it won’t boot up… I turn the unit on. And right before it loads the “CPI HAPPY HACKING” the unit will turn off. After a try or two it turns on, and I don’t have an issue.


what you mean the unit?
unit == gsnotify or BT?


The unit being the GS itself.


your battery of GS is broken?


I got a video but it won’t let me post it.


It’s weird tho because it only happens now and again.

Once it boots into the OS… and I turn off Bluetooth (or kill GSNotify) it runs like a top until I turn it off myself

Edit: for instance I just started it up after 6 misfires and it fired up into the OS… everything is fine now. GSNotify works great (I turn off BT instead since I don’t use it)


like old gun

I’ll do more test


And to make life harder. It just shut down mid game… Bluetooth was off. :frowning: gonna try again killing GSNotify.


so last time for sure
your battery is ok ,right?


Yah. I mean I never had an issue I don’t have volt meters or anything to test… charged it yesterday. Connections are all good. Says it’s half full


Just plugged it in to see if any issues happen on hard power


I guess the bug is on gsnotify

sorry for that first
I’ll do a quick update of launcher very soon to fix that for u


Could it be causing a system crash?

When does GSNotify actually “start”? If it loads before the splash screen, then I’d say it’s a possibility!