Gameshell Stuck on loading screen

I picked up my launch gameshell after a couple of years cause I wanted a portable emulator for a trip. but when i turned it on the boot process gets stuck at the loading page.

I’m currently trying to re-flash the OS but the sd card is not showing up on my computer (and i don’t have a spare)

And suggestions?

It depends, sometimes the SD cards reach their end of life and lock into read only mode.

But in other cases, it has and ext4 format which is unreadable (by default) on OSes like windows systems.

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If the card isn’t showing up on your computer there’s a chance that the card could be the culprit. (As @Petrakis said above) although that shouldn’t affect it being detected.
Where I’m from, you can buy a cheap SD card for as little as a coffee. Perhaps try and flash a fresh card, just to rule out any other factors. (Plus it’s always nice to have a spare sd card)