GameShell no boot

Well, I messed up and now my GS cannot boot the OS…
Power up button> Splash screen > Clockwork Team Logo> Welcome black screen with “happy hacking” message> GameShell icon and Loading word… (black screen)… GameShell icon and Loading word again… and loading for the end of times. Wont pass this screen for more.

There’s any other type of boot or way to start the OS?
What are my options now? :frowning: Thank you for your help!

Maybe it’s just the apps>launcher that is messed up? I would recommend trying to restore that folder. You might have to mount the SD card on another linux system or VM to access the files if it’s not connecting to the internet anymore… I’m going to start backing up my SD card every few days while I’m tinkering.

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I experienced this after attempting to extend the partition on my SD card manually. I re-imaged the card to make it work again.

Hopefully you can repair it without a format using DisruptItYourself’s suggestion.

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Fixed! Thank you all for help me

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I’m having this exact same problem. I don’t especially want to re-image my card, so is there a way to sort out the launcher?


I experienced this issue after adding a new emulator shortcut in apps/launcher/Menu/GameShell/20_Retro\ Games

it was a directory called Game\ Gear, and contained an action.config, made in an identical process to the others that i have set up.

anyway. I SSH’d into the CPI, and went into the 20_Retro\ Games directory and deleted the dir Game\ Gear.

did sudo reboot and the GameShell started up just fine.

It’s odd though, unless i made mistakes in the action.config, that adding a shortcut to would do that. is there a limit to how many shortcuts may be set up in a directory?

But anyway, heres my advice. If youre experiencing the GameShell hanging at loading, try SSHing into it, and removing whatever you last added, or undoing what you last changed.

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I´ve experienced that issue when I create stuff as root and I forget to change the owner of the files/folders. The owner should be cpi.


ls -l

And see the owner, if its root gameshell wont boot. change it with chown


Hi I’m experiencing this now,I deleted the last thing I did and it’s still happening, I’m going to reimage but now I can’t get my saves back is there angry way of force connecting it to the internet while it’s in this state

Having USB ETH enabled is a life saver, countless times I got my gameshell stuck on boot and I fixed It with ssh trought usb eth