GameShell updates (April 16th, 2018)



@yong Is there any ETA yet on when the Clockwork OS will be released? If that’s still unknown, are you able to provide the list of software expected to ship with the Clockwork OS (outside what would already be on Debian)?

If anything, I’d like to be able to see what the process from starting up the GameShell to launching a game on the system will be.


I will try to get an answer from the development team ASAP.


Please show other game,
TuX racer or Sauerbraten SDL


Sorry if I appear rude, but more than 3 weeks are passed without any real updates. All I read everywhere are promises of updates that will be given soon.
I’d expect a minimum of one update per week on such a project so close to the release date, a fortiori since there’s no material online about the console besides games that run on basically every chipset.
In this situation a person considering to buy the GameShell could definitely not do so due to lack of information, not trusting the project, since the developers seem to keep a veil of smoky mystery, almost as if there were nothing really working as advertised.

Sorry again if I appeared disrespectful. This is just my advice to attract and make potential buyers more confident.


Sorry for the delay. @okamitsu
According to current progress, we should have no problem making shipment by the end of this month. In the same time, we should be able to push OS code to GitHub in next week.
Thanks again for your support.

Progress on gameshell


On Mar, 15, you were still saying that “We are still on track for the April shipment.”

Only one simple question: How much workload left ? Do u have an estimation?




I totally agree with you! Thank you!


Did you scroll up and read the post? on April 16th they made an update saying that production should be finished May 15th…



Thanks , But I do not want to embarrass them.


¨we were informed by the plastic injection molding factory that large-scale production is expected to be finished on May 15th." I read something else.


That was the status on April 17th. However, as of 4 days ago it is now:

If the variance here is a difference between May 15th or May 31st to get a quality product, I think that’s reasonable.


Any word on the OS being pushed to GitHub? I’m kinda curious to have a look at it. Escpecially the loader that you’ve built, it looks awesome :slight_smile:


Presently, the only released repositories on their GitHub page is the Keypad Arduino code, the CPI, and Manuals. So it doesn’t appear to be ready yet.


I know I’m keeping track of it, but I was wondering if the team had a new estimate.


On April 17th:

On May 15th:

The GameShell is still on track to ship at the end of May (which is in 9 days) and the OS is supposed to be released before shipment. The last estimate placed the OS being released during the week of May 15th (13th-19th), so they missed that estimate. However, the previous estimate did also place the release to being before shipments, so we will still likely be seeing the release within the next 9 days.


That’s true we are getting close to the end of production :slight_smile:


We just uploaded the GameShell launcher code in
It will still take a few more days for the OS to be released.


Thanks @yong for the update.

I’m impressed by the code you’ve made, the quality is higher than any Chinese project I ever saw up so far, well done! Really!

I’ve started to toy around it, my original goal was to make it run with Python3 (which it does right now, but lots of features are missing) and trying to make it even more modular than it currently is.

I do have now two clear goal for that fork:

  • Make the code more modular
  • Try to have as less as possible hard-coded values, all should come as much as possible from config file, or detected automatically.

This refactor is going to be a long process, so don’t expect anything soon, but I’ll keep my changes and update on my own fork. Once I feel it is ready I will propose as a pull request.


For those following along at home, the fork @Godzil is referring to can be found here.