Similar idea similar price

I found very similar product
no enclosure but working very good.

What You think about it?

I think electrostatic discharge (ESD) damage is real, I see it happen all the time, and with it not having any real protection for the components I feel this product would definitely need a case if I want to carry it around in my pocket for on-the-go gaming.

It’s also using the Raspberry Pi Zero, making it far less powerful than the GameShell. It has less than half of the battery capacity, which makes the amount of time you can game on it as well.

On it’s own, it’s certainly neat. However, it’s not as powerful, modular, nor portable when compared to the GameShell.


Nor having a “professsional” finish.

The fact the GS have an injection molded case change a lot of thing between a hobby so project and a final product project.


Yes, but is smalest and meybe faster.
other information @aewens is true.
But price show , how small difference is between homemade and profesional product. Meybe in future clockwork will be cheaper not more expensive

Well as aewens said:

So no, it is (way) less powerfull*, and honestly that type of button they use will be tireing in a couple of minutes of extensive gameplay. Also you have to add the Raspberry Pi 0 which is not included (and the SD card that goes with)
The screen is also smaller, have a smaller resolution and probably based on SPI screen which mean low framerate.

Both project may looks a bit similar, but are in fact really different, and the Clockwork Pi / GameShell is a full fledge product, even if made as a “hacker friendly” product it is more close to a finished general public product than the TinyPiPro which is more of an hobbyist project.**

| * The Pi0 have close to the same cpu power as the original Raspberry Pi (a bit better though) and it is really really sluggish.
| ** Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that the TinyPi Pro is a bad product, I’m just trying to say that you barely can compare both project, one is polished finished product that could be sold in shop, the other is an hobbyist project that probably works really well, but is not as polished as the GS is.

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It seems that you are right in the sense that the price is cheaper but it is also a cheaper product. Also according to their website they are still in development. I guess if that’s what you want than there is nothing stopping you, but you get what you pay for ultimately. And honestly right now it seems that given the features Gameshell is way more bang for your buck.

Clockwork doesn’t need to be cheaper, it’s already pretty cheap, I would like to see better, faster, smoother, sturdier, powerful before cheaper.

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