GB studio big favor

Hey all! I’m looking into getting a Devterm A06, and I was wondering if anyone out there could do me a huge favor and see if the Debian/Linux version of GB studio can be ran on the Devterm! If anyone has a quick second to go to their Website and try to download it to let me know if it works that would be awesome! Thanks so much!

I guess that’s a “no”

or is that a “yes”? :sweat_smile:

I’ll try compiling it later on today. I don’t think the binary downloads would run at all.


An unhandled rejection has occurred inside Forge:
[Error: ENOENT: no such file or directory, stat '/mnt/storage/aur/gb-studio-git/src/gb-studio/src/lib/forge/hooks/../../../../buildTools/linux-arm64'] {
  errno: -2,
  code: 'ENOENT',
  syscall: 'stat',
  path: '/mnt/storage/aur/gb-studio-git/src/gb-studio/src/lib/forge/hooks/../../../../buildTools/linux-arm64'

Electron Forge was terminated. Location:

That guy had a similar error and changed some things.

So is that a no? It’s been a long time since those posts were out, and it’s related to the raspberry pi version, which the A06 isn’t running, or am I confused?

cm3 is broadcom
a06 is rk3399

I jus wanna know if someone with an A06 can go to their web browser, and download GB studio 3 to see if it works haha

People already answered. No, there are no arm64 debs to download, only x86. Someone above even attempted to build it from source for you on their Devterm and it failed.

Screenshot from 2022-05-25 15-07-57

(Also, I wouldn’t wish using GB Studio with a 1280x480 display on my worst enemies.)

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I highly recommend doing much more reading up on the Devterm A06. All are welcome, but it was mainly designed as a system for developers or people that want to learn developing/hacking. The default OS is… rough around the edges, and requires tinkering to get a usable system. It is not a laptop, does not support sleep/suspend, and has no bios/uefi. It’s a single board computer, similar to a raspberry pi, but portable.

Most third-party deb’s/binaries won’t work out of the box, and that includes anything compiled for x86 or (32 bit) raspberry pi. You’ll need to minimally recompile the app on Devterm, or worst case scenario, rewrite the app to support arm64. However, the OS apt repos ARE standard debian and contain MOST of the apps you may need on a daily basis.