Gcw zero pcsx4all for GameShell

New Psx Emulator See pcsx rearmed



Wow! How well does it run?

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30fps instead of 60 fps on a really non loaded screen.

You see 30fps, but I’m focused on that CPU already at 101%.

Well one or the other, that a title screen with no 3d effects… :smiley:

I don’t know, it says 320x240x15, so maybe it’s using 15px of depth 3D graphics :wink:

In all seriousness, I’d like to see if those metrics are consistent across all games / emulators or just specific instance.

Yes that CPU load is interesting. No wonder it runs hot.

Well this emulator is for the GCW0, probably tailored and optimised for it. Problem the GCW0 use a MIPS CPU, not ARM and not ** a dual core on, so… not sure if that emulator is the most relevant…

** even

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Dual core? The Clockwork Pi comes with a quad core ARM processor!

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