N64 core? Any help available?

Hello everyone.

I finally got my wifi issues figured out and now I am trying to add some cores to play my roms.

Has anyone been able to get Nintendo64 emulation to run? I ask because I can’t even find the libretro cores needed.


Hi ,

I dont think the n64 can run on the gameshell because of the advanced 3d :confused:

So i don’t think it’s possible for you to run it

It runs on my pi3, but not that well… and I had to install a fan for that ONTOP of heat sinks.

All hardware benchmarks aside, it would destroy the CPU. (imo)

Thanks for the replies!

I was afraid of that. I have N64 running on my Pi3B (does fine with most games), was just hoping for some mobile fun.

Thanks again for the replies.

The main issue is that we don’t have gpu accelerated graphics yet. Everything is software rendered. If we has gpu accelerated graphics, looking at the specs, it ahould be able to emulate n64