Getting Bitsy games running

Bitsy ( is a charming little game maker with a lot of creativity-inviting limitations that runs in the browser. It doesn’t require any coding and is beginner friendly, but has some fun (if a bit chaotic) scripting if you want to dig deeper. I like using it because it forces me to exercise creative muscles I normally don’t use. Here’s some games people have made with it:

Recently the developer made an emulator, which I managed to build on my gameshell. It’s been really fun seeing my games on the little screen!

I am working on adapting the code to play nicer with the gameshell:
Almost done remapping keys and making the menu button work. The resolution of Bitsy games is 128x128, so it almost fits at x2 zoom but not quite. Thinking about if there’s some clever way to make it look more pixel perfect… maybe by moving all the distortion to the top and bottom?

Anyways if anyone is interested, please let me know so that I stay motivated!

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great work mate. The Resolution can be a thing. Why not stay with the orginal resolution? Though it is smaller.

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Painful to look at… it’s just too tiny and hard to read the text! Maybe resolution isn’t the right word? It’s 128x128 pixels, but the pixels are always blown up much larger.

The text is my main concern… something about the way it’s rendering right now makes it cut off some thinner letter parts. Flicker the candle seller here is about to take a “nap”, not a “rap”.

I tried rendering at a 2:1 ratio and it’s much crisper, but cuts off one row of the tiles. I might just have it cut off half of or squish in half the top and bottom rows to keep that crispness?

Yeah, too small.
The screen’s resolution of the GameShell is 320x240.
So for width, using x2 resolution is fine.
For height, using x2 resolution means the height shall be 256 pixels, which is 16 pixels more than the capability of GS.

I think, for the best quality, you can truncate the top 8 and bottom 8 pixles. This will ok. So that you can display at x2.

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