Glitches with graphics acceleration on a04

I’m using the default image on the a04 and one of the first things I noticed was that all svg icons in chromium (including the ones on this forum) were severely glitched (very warped and noisy) and turning off graphics accelleration in chromium fixed that so I didn’t worry.

Then I noticed that the atari800 emulator (self compiled as well as the default package from the distribution) was a lot slower with graphics acceleration enabled, so I just disabled it and didn’t worry.

So yesterday I tried out the Bedrock version of minecraft (installed via pi-apps) and noticed severe graphical glitches which finally leads me to the suspicion that something might be a bit wrong here. (Framerate in minecraft was okish, around 25 fps, but I didn’t look at my gearbox settings, I think I didn’t pay attention and ran it in gear 2 or something :slight_smile: )

Did anybody notice something similar on their a04 or maybe even a06 and/or may be able to help debug this?

Edit: I just found this A04 potential X performance problems + potential solution and I have that message in my log so I’m trying out the fix from the ppa.

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Ok, the driver from the ppa fixes the glitches in chromium, however atari800 is still slower with acceleration and minecraft graphics are still glitching.

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