Good News ,The last module has been complete!

I was really hoping to see some kind of update this week.

Happy Year of the Rabbit to all that celebrate it!

I feel the same i really hope for some good news or updates in general at this point :slight_smile:


I reached out to CS this morning (CST) to see if I could get an update. Will let you know if I get anything.


I have my build notes from the DevTerm - I will start from there…

No responses… :frowning: We just have hope now…

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my guess / hope is one of two things:
either, they’re still celebrating CNY, idk how long it lasts tbh
or, they are back to work, and are in a sort-of “quiet period” just working on shit before an announcement

There were some rumors in Discord. Someone got an email response stating that the final stage of production begins at the end of the Lunar new year vacation, which I believe The end of Lunar New Year vacation in China 2023 is on February 7th. 90 business days is still on Monday, March 6, 2023, from 10/25/2023.

From what I am seeing from Clockwork, they seem to do batch shipments every quarter. i.e. They make enough for the orders for a given time period and then ship. It keeps their warehouse costs down.


It is February now, any change we can get an update on uConsole?

I’m very excited about this product and have ideas to incorporate it into my ham radio portable kit.

Michael AF6FB


I have yet to hear much more than what Idiscovered the other day via Discord.

ideally that means the final stage of production begins tomorrow, or (depending on your definition of “at the end of”) tomorrow’s tomorrow


great! I carry my DevTerm with me in lunch bag cooler on a shoulder strap looking forward to something a little more robust…

honestly imma prolly put my uconsole on a shoulder strap too LOL

did i type tthis okaya


I have a nice little lunch cooler - lots of pockets - I carry spare printer paper, a small desk stand and my DevTerm - the padding protects it. I don’t carry it with it turned on (it would overheat)

latest news. Clockwork is expected to ship the first batch of products next month, but did not disclose the specific time. But clockwork will receive the Uconsel real machine in the next few days. They will update the forum and social media accounts with relevant information every year. You should be able to see the demo video of the real machine soon, cheers!


Congrats to clockwork and the community on hearing some news!!!



Yearly updates sounds about right.


Still no emails about shipments. March is in a few days…

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Brother, wait a minute, it will be 90 working days soon!


They have till July for the 90 working days.