GS comes out with WinSCP and timeout Cannot connect

GS comes out with WinSCP and timeout Cannot connect.
My PC is Windows 10, and the GS is connected to wifi.
Please let me know if there is a solution.

this is like never met, if windows and GS are in the same wifi
any more details?

GS and WIN could not connect even if connected to another wifi.
GS itself was able to connect to wifi and was able to update.
However, even if I entered the TinyCloud ID and KEY to connect to the PC,
I could not connect.

check windows firewall to sure that windows does not block ssh connection

or for testing, just shutdown the windows firewall once

also try \\ip of GS\ in windows. if that works its likely something odd with firewall or the port (22) specifically.

I was able to connect! !
Apparently it was in conflict with other apps.
Thank you very much for the solution.

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