GS System Updates

Any chance that we can get some updates in the forum on when the GameShell system has an update available to download and what changes were made? I’ve noticed 2 updates since I’ve received my system and have installed them but have no idea what they have done, so some patch notes would be great!

Forgive me if there are some somewhere but haven’t seen them, as I have looked here and can’t find any! Also, an autoupdate option being added to the shell would be nice!


Good idea. Maybe even a post on Twitter.


Since they don’t include patch notes when you update it on the system it would be nice to see some on here! I’m surprised no one else has asked for this on any other thread in here.

Another update has hit and I have no idea what it has done. I also noticed that after about 2 or 3 further updates, the version # hasn’t changed. It would really be nice to know what these changes are and what is being updated.

You mean updates to the launcher, right?

I know it’s not the same as giving some more info here or on the GS itself but you can check and on the “Releases” tab you can see the changelog.

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Thanks, yes! Some of the notes there are completely indecipherable to me since they aren’t very verbose, so I don’t even know what some things say. I feel like since this is the actual home of the GameShell community, we should see those notes here in one constantly updated thread.

yeah, maybe they should add a sticky on this forum to this link?

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Oh, wow! Much better! Thank you for that!