Updating Gameshell?

I can’t seem to find a single source of any updates to flash to this thing, just dead link after dead link. Does anyone have the update so I can flash it to my game shell?

Have you seen this post: GameShell OS image files

Note: the torrent links there are dead have to use Magnet link or Direct Download links

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give me a bit and I’ll get the torrents back up providing their seeds are still working
EDIT: scratch that. the actual .TORRENT files are broken. I will message yong directly and see about initially seeding them myself.

I would also like to note that the current v0.3 is a year old this month. a LOT has improved and changed and I think we’re due a rebuild. so maybe we should start a thread for it?

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I agree, it seems time for an update. I feel like if this device had a more active community, we’d be getting community made launchers and stuff and I’m kind of hoping that stuff takes off at some point.

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I’d also be happy to seed, indefinitely, if needed.

Worst case they don’t respond I’ll just make new torrents and post to forum


Following — once new torrents are available, I’m happy to keep them seeding too; I have a box for just that purpose for communities like this!

no response from mods. I am going to download and re-torrent the image files. anyone have a preferred tracker we should use? I’m initially using OpenTrackr.org

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new torrents hosted using OpenTrackr.org and .torrent files are on my personal server so they wont be going down in the forseeable future. please take and seed them for other users.

[ClockWorkOS v0.1](ClockWorkPI OS V0.1 - https://www.quackamole.com/clockworkos_v0.1.img.bz2.torrent)
[ClockWorkOS v0.2](ClockWorkPI OS V0.2 - https://www.quackamole.com/clockworkos_v0.2.img.bz2.torrent)
[ClockWorkOS v0.21](ClockWorkPI OS V0.21 - https://www.quackamole.com/clockworkos_v0.21.img.bz2.torrent)
[ClockWorkOS v0.3](ClockWorkPI OS V0.3 - https://www.quackamole.com/clockworkos_v0.3.img.bz2.torrent)
[ClockWorkOS v0.4](ClockWorkPi OS V0.4 - https://www.quackamole.com/clockworkos_v0.4.img.bz2.torrent)


Downloading now, and will start seeding ASAP.